Sunday, April 8, 2012

Night with the Brit People

                As I was saying, we made our way home from going to visit the house in the very sketchy creepy, gang-ridden area at about 18:00. As we all lie back down in our room and start to relax, Jenna and Tonja start to fall asleep. At that point, I think I was writing another blog for you all (a blog about a blog, haha!) As I was writing, I remembered that we were invited to go down to dinner and eat with the Brit People (they hated being called that xD). As the time came around, I woke Jenna and Tonja and asked them if they wanted to go out and talk with them at all. They both said they were really tired but they thought that they might later. So I go down stairs and out the back door and as I go through, I see what seemed to be eight to ten people sitting around the small picnic table. They all stop their conversation to look at me. I said hi and they all said their hellos back. We got to conversation and they asked me the basics: name, where you from, what brings you here, etc. After all that they offered me some dinner (yum!) and we sat and talked more. About an hour later Tonja came down and stood behind me for a bit before going back inside.
I can’t really remember, as I am writing this more than a week later, but we went out a few nights that week and stayed out until about 3 each time. The first time we went out, we didn’t really know the layout of the town yet, so we were wandering around looking for a bar (they are really into drinking) and we happened on a bunch of 6 German girls, around 19 or 20 years old, who were looking for a bar also. So we asked them if they wanted to join groups and find a bar with us. Of course, they followed us because they didn’t know where one was either. We end up walking around for about 15 min before we lose two of our guys. The main chunk of the Brit people were getting really worried and they were just about to go looking for they guys when one of them stumbled around the corner and said they found a bar but it was really expensive. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief because we found them both and we kept looking. 
We wound around this street, down that one for about 5 min before we found one. It was really cool, they had a main part of the bar that was normal, but they also had a section of the bar that was outside was a jungle theme. They had vines around the outside of the bar with a camo net over the top with some heaters near the tables so it didn’t get too cold. Anyway, we started out inside the bar and people ordered what they wanted. After a few minutes, someone went out to the other side of the bar to check it out and came back raving about it. We all needed to check it out, so all of us and about three of the German girls came out to sit with us. We hung there for the rest of the time and had a great time. As we were leaving at about 02:30, the two of the German girls started yelling at each other about wanting to go home and wanting to stay out. It was crazy! This is the German that everybody thinks about when they sound so angry. Our group half decided that they wanted to go out for more, and the other half wanted to go home. We started walking to find another bar (they mostly close at 03:00) and made it most of the way towards the main street before the half that didn’t really want to find another one, started going back.
That was one of the crazy nights we had with the amazingly fun Brit People. We were also invited to go to a private viewing of the opening day of their artwork! I will talk about that one in my next posting. Ciao for now!
Hasta Luego

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  1. Funny thinking about you trapesing around Spain with a mob of people looking for somewhere to hang out. Thanks for the posting! Please, send more....we are hungry over here!!!