Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Brits. Beers. Beaches. Bikinis? Boo-Ya

                Ok, I know It’s been a while since I posted, and I regret it because I’m forgetting more and more as time goes on. I decided to write it tonight because I have some extra time and I don’t want to do my homework =]] So continuing on… (About the title, I dont really like beer, but oh boy do the English!)
                We, being Jenna, Tonja and I, were invited to a private viewing of the art of the Brit People (Yes they are all artists) on Saturday 3/31 ( I know, I know. It was a while ago now). When we were invited, I believe it was that Tuesday or Wednesday before.  Not a whole lot happened between those days, a lot of house searching and not a lot of luck. All the while we are living at this very nice hostel that charges us 60/night for the three of us. The people were really very nice but the cost was getting to be insane and the lady kept hounding us for money (Again, I know, I know it’s her job.). In total I think I ended up staying there for just over a week which totaled up to about €140 or €160 (7x10=70 x2=140 ; ] Denver style math for those lacking math skills). For those of you who don’t know the exchange rate, I can withdraw €300 from an ATM and the charge on my account in the US is $415 including the $5-10 fees. The amount of money I have here is significantly less than I do in the US, which isn’t a truck-load to begin with. Anyway, I lost my train tracks there for a minute. So during that few days we called a few people, but didn’t go to any places to look. So we were told that we would need to find another hostel to stay at for Saturday night because it was booked already. She did, though, have another place for us to stay for that night and it was actually less expensive (€18/person rather than €20) and it wasn’t too far away.
                At that point we were so sick of looking for places and staying inside that we decided that we were going to head to the beach. So we did. We went to the beach for the first time since we had gone there and rode the metro for the first time also. Metro is really no problem, you have these ticket dispensers that will, obviously, dispense tickets for you. The most cost effective one is a T-10 which is ten rides for €9,50 rather than individual rides for €1,60. One ride is every time you scan your ticket to get in. You need to scan your ticket every time you go into the tunnel. The ticket takers are machines that you stick the ticket in and it sends it back out with another ride checked off. Anyway, we make our way to the metro; rides are once about every 5 minutes which is very reasonable. We all stand with our hands on our pockets and purses (they had purses, not me thank you very much). We get off at our stop, Barcelonetta, which is the beach, we get out of the tunnel and start walking towards the beach. About halfway in to our walk to the beach, we happen on these performers who had what looked like a gigantic hula hoop. They were warming up for a few minutes before they started. It’s so hard to describe what they were doing, but luckily I got a video! I will see about putting it on here… If not, basically they were rolling the ring around and jumping in and out, doing tricks with it, and going DaVincii in the circle! It was so amazing! After that ended, we walked down to the beach! Finally!! Sweet sand! And oh was it what we were looking for on a hot day. As we took our shoes off and changed to our beach attire, I walked around on the beach and looked around a bit. Initially I didn’t believe what I saw from behind, so I had to go around and look; sure enough it was true. There were two girls sitting with a guy friend both with alcohol in their hands. One was pouring the other a drink while tanning without a suit on. It was so weird to see people with alcohol on the beach! Oh, what? You mean the… oh yea. They didn’t have tops on. Yea THAT’S what I was really talking about haha xD It was very different to see people just sitting and talking with another guy friend just having a good time with less than underwear on. I didn’t mind, let them do what they want, right? So we found a spot on the beach to sit and talked for a long time, probably 3 hours, then decided it was time to walk around a bit more. We made our way down the beach and happened on a few guys breaking (which I also got video of, yea-yuh!) and a girl doing some salsa. When we got enough of our walk in, we made our way back to the metro and went back home.
As we got back from our beach journey, we went to check in to our new place, I think it was called Hostal Ciutat and was only about 1km away from our current hostel. That one km happened to be half uphill, while lugging all our stuff. Jenna was not happy. We make it to our place and check in. As we make our way to our room, we immediately notice that it’s not as clean or as neat as our other hostel. We figured out where our room was and after we figured out how to open the door, we got in and stood there for a second looking at the room. It had three bunk beds that were all empty at the time except for a pillow and a sheet. We all decided that it was not safe to leave our stuff here and headed back to the other hostel. We asked one of the lovely English if we could leave our things in their room while we went to the party and they of course said yes. It was about 8 o’clock at that time, so we started making our way to the gallery. As we got there, we saw a person who was holding a ribbon-like thing signifying the opening of a shop. As everyone gathered around the shop, they said that they were officially declaring the gallery open for viewing. We all make our ways inside and gawk over the amazing works that had been made. Not to play their work down in any way, but we hung out there and looked at their work while they explained it to the people who were curious enough to ask. After that we went to a bar that was next door to celebrate the hanging of their work. This was the first gallery that their work had been hung in another country, so it was very important to them. After that, we went back home, gathered our things and went back, up the hill, to our other place. The next day, we tried to rush back in time to see everyone off (they were scheduled to leave that Sunday afternoon, but had to check out at 10). We made it back as the last quarter of the group was leaving and at least got to tell them how much we were going to miss them, mushy, mushy, squishy, tears, yea. Moving on.
                So that’s all for this installment of “How will Spain react to Denver” .I’ll add more next time, but as for right now, it's 2:30 am and I have school you selfish people! I hope to make the next one sooner, but my beach laziness is kicking in! I’m sorry all! I know you look forward to these stories, and I like writing about them so I can remember them for later. Thank you for your comments and thank you for keeping on me to write these! Love to everyone!
Until next time,
Hasta Luego

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  1. hey, feel free to add little reminders as you think of them. It will help you later as well. How is your scrap book coming along?

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