Monday, June 11, 2012

Creepy Crawly...

So I have a fun story of what happened to me today. Quite the.... experience! 

Well basically I woke up at like 1:30 and lazed in bed for a bit before i moved much. when i got up i was a little dizzy but i didnt really think anything of it. so i moved around my room and i heard that sound that is kind of like when water is moving around in your ear, so i shook it like i was gonna get the water out. Then it started moving around in there and i didnt believe it at first. After about 2 minutes, plugging my ear and still hearing the sound i realized it was in there. So i looked online where i could go and started walking. First I went to the police station and the line was too long (I was going to ask them where I could go) then I walked to the hospital with the freakin thing crawling around on my eardrum. It was pretty close, i thought, and it only took me about 20 minuted to get to the first one. I got there and explained my situation and they said i have to go to the next window. So i went 2 doors down to the next window and waited for about 5 minutes before being told i had to go to a different hospital. 
Aye... So i walked over there and 15 min later and talked to the front desk person who said i had to go to a different hospital. Another one up the street. So I walked over there and tried to find the entrance for about 15 min. Once i found it, i went inside and explained m situation and the lady basically laughed at me. She asked if i saw it go in my ear.. yea because i have eyes in m ear, right? No, i said i was asleep and I can feel it right now. She got someone who spoke english because she didnt like my spanish and i explained it AGAIN to her and she didnt believe me either. She said that sometimes your ear does things like that. She said she can take me in but there was a 200€ base on top of whatever my bill charged up. So with all that filled out, she asked for my credit card and thats when I called Tawnya and Jenna because I didnt bring mine. She didnt have a card for me to use so they said i could come back later and that i needed to hand this form to the doctor and see how long the wait will be so i could go get the money while i was waiting. So i handed the form to the doc and he took me in right away. 
He asked me a few questions and then grabbed the thing to look in my ear and confirmed that I wasnt crazy and there was really a bug in there. So he took me into another room and told me he was going to pour alcohol in my ear to kill the bug so they can take it out otherwise it might try to hold on and hurt something. So he did that and left to call the ear doc. She came in about 10 min later and sucked the alcohol out of my ear with a vacuum thingy then sat me up. She said she was going to try to flush it out with some water. So she literally took a syringe and filled it with water, then shot it in my ear. Apparently the bug came out and she showed me this little tiny black bug no bigger than the head of a pin. Crazy how annoying something so small can be. So i went out front and they asked me what the real problem was. I told them I was right and there was a bug in there. (HA Take that freaking receptionists) So she told me that the doctors fee plus the base fee would come to a total of €250.95. AAAHHHHHH So i came home, got it, and came back. so today i spend, unwillingly, €255 because of the annoying atm fee too.

Aye, que asco! What an adventure i had today, after that was done, I stayed home and made me some dinner, talked to Alex for a while and now I'm sitting here typing and talking to my Awesome sister Hannah Garrison and trying to teach spanish to nicole...

Ok thats all for now! Talk to you soon

Hasta luego

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